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Sustainable Product Development

Methods and experiences from case projects

The report summarises the experiences from the Nordic Project on Environmentally Sound Product Development (NEP project), Subproject Il on development and testing of a method for Sustainable Product Development. The report is divided in two distinct parts:

Part I describing the basis for the methods and experiences from case projects

Part Il describing quite detailed the procedures for Sustainable Product Development and Management

The method for Sustainable Product Development is based on integration of three tools  analyses Of products: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Quality Function Deployment (QD) and Life Cycle Cost accounting (LCC). All the tools are based in the life cycle product and process structure of product systems, and the fulfilment's of certain requirements defined by the user of the system, the functional unit.

The method for Sustainable Product Development has been tested in seven case projects, in co-operation with Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish companies. The experiences from the panicipants in the case projects are summarised in Chapter 3 in the report. The conclusion is that the pmject team members are well saüsfied wiLh the work which has been done in the project, and the results so far obtained. Most companies are going to implement the methods for LCA in their product development activities in the next years.

During the project, the methods for LCA, LCC and QFD was adjusted to the needs established by the project teams. In Chapter 4, the experiences with the LCA method as an integrated part of product development projects are discussed, and the further developments of the methods described. These are first of all related to allocation rules and to the way LCA are interpreted in relation to decision models.

In Pan Il of the report, the proposed procedures for integration of the method for Sustainable Product Development in süategic, tactic and operational planning activities and decisions in a company are described in more detail, witl examples from some of the case projects. The main focus is how to implement environmental expertise and criteria in the product development process, from the concept stage to product launching and following-up studies.

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