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Categorising of Norwegian Hydro Power According to Physical Parameters and Related GHG Emissions

At the Project LCA Case Meeting the 27th of May 2010, it was decided to investigate the possibilities for categorising Norwegian Hydropower into different category groups according to related GHG emissions. The work should be based on the existing LCA data of Norwegian

Hydro Power from the report “Inventory of Life Cycle Data for Hydroelectricity Produced and Distributed in Norway’’ (Vold et al., 1998). 


The deliveries from the work should answer the following questions:

  1. Are the existing LCA data of Norwegian Hydro Power representative for Norwegian Hydro Power?
  2. Is it possible to categorise the different hydro power plants according to various physical parameters (e.g. annual production, height of head) and related GHG emissions?


At the Partner Meeting the 28th of October it was decided that the GHG results for the Norwegian hydropower cases (Vold et al., 1998) should, for the infrastructure phase, be further separated into the different life cycle activities (building of tunnels, dam, construction of turbines etc.). The results are included in this second version of this memo, see chapter 2 Results presented for different life cycle stages.

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