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Food losses and waste in primary production.

Case studies on carrots, onions, peas, cereals and farmed fish

This is a technical report on the case studies from the Nordic project “Food losses and waste in primary production” (Franke et al. 2016). The project is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers through the Nordic Green Growth Programme.

One purpose of the project was to test data collection methods on food losses and waste from primary producers in the Nordic countries. Another purpose was to estimate the amount of losses and waste. Case studies were carried out for six product groups in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark to test the methods and to give us a better understanding of the losses and waste.

The project group consisted of Ulrika Franke from the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Hanna Hartikainen from the National Resources Institute Finland, Luke, Erik Svanes from Ostfold Research in Norway and Jesper Sørensen from the Danish Agrifish Agency. Researchers Marie Olsson and Staffan Andersson from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Lisbeth Mogensen from Aarhus University in Denmark, Erling Stubhaug from Ostfold Research in Norway and Raija Räikkönen from the National Resources Institute in Finland also contributed to the project.

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