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Eco-Efficient Solutions for Recycling Systems for Tomra ASA

This report gives the main results and conclusion from the project on Eco-Efficient Solutions for Recycling Systems for Tomra Systems ASA.

The project was organized under the program for Packaging Research set up by Norwegian Research Council and ”Samarbeidsrådet for Emballasjeforskning”, where improved eco-efficiency of packaging systems are considered.

The study is an important basis for Tomra Systems’ participation in the Industrial Ecology program under the P-2005 Research Program.

The main aim of the project was to develop knowledge in systems analysis, LCA methodology and its application in the organization of Tomra Systems.

The environmental and economic properties of Tomra recycling systems for PET and aluminum beverage containers have been studied in two states in the USA, Connecticut and California. Further, the environmental and economic performance of manufacturing and use of the Tomra machine T-42 was analyzed.

On the basis of the results, improvements to both the recycling system as well as the machine have been proposed. Methodological issues are discussed, and further methodological studies are proposed for the P-2005 Research program.

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