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Environmental performace indicators for local communication

Case report from Peterson Linerboard

Peterson Linerboard participated in the NORDEPE-project as one of 11 case companies from Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The main goal of the project was to improve the environmental performance at Peterson Linerboard.

This was to be achieved by:

  • Improvement of the environmental performance indicators
  • Improve the communication processes towards external stakeholders
  • Give input to the NORDEPE-project concerning results from this process

To obtain these goals the project activities were concentrated on initiation a dialogue with stakeholders in the local community.

The stakeholder assessment were aimed to enable

  • the definition of future environmental challenges in a short and long term basis.
  • knowledge on how to present environmental reporting and communication is perceived by the stakeholders.
  • gathering of experience with extended stakeholder communication

On the basis of the results of the stakeholder assessment, some immediate actions were taken to improve operational performance.

Additional operational indicators related to local environmental aspects were developed, and will be implemented. Communication procedures aimed at improving communication with and information to the local community were improved and implemented in the management system.

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