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Evaluation of direct toxic impact of CO2-capture chemicals in view of the REACH regulation

StatoilHydro has commissioned Ostfold Research to perform a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) on a possible future gas power plant at Tjeldbergodden, including CO2 capture, transport and storage. StatoilHydro has evaluated the health and environmental properties of a number of possible CO2 capture compounds and commissioned, in connection with the LCA an additional study on 8 amines in light of the REACH legislation.

The study showed that the compounds are not on the Restrictions List (Annex XVII of the REACH text) and do not fulfil the Authorisation criteria. The study also shows that although most of the studied compounds are classified as harmful to health and/or the environment, the classifications do not cover the most serious effects, e.g. CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and toxic to Reproduction). This means that the usage of the compounds will probably not be severely restricted by REACH.

In order to get a complete overview of StatoilHydros REACH obligations and all effects of the legislation a more comprehensive study is needed. Central elements in this study would be: 1. Exposure studies 2. Mapping of degradation products, impurities and additives and 3. Assessment of Manufacturer/Importers readiness for REACH, including data gap analysis.

In the Innochem Research Project a method for calculating mixture toxicity is under development. This method could prove useful when developing exposure scenarios for carbon capture amine mixtures as required under the REACH regulation.

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