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The EDecIDe LCIA method. A tool for evaluation of CCS in the Arctic region

This document describes the EDecIDe LCIA weighting method for evaluating CCS in the Arctic region.
The EDecIDe model uses Europe as a reference case when evaluating the importance of different environmental indicators in the Arctic region. This means that the model is developed with a regionalisation for Europe and for the Arctic region.
The approach for developing the model started with literature reviews on existing weighting methods, weighting methods used to evaluate CCS technology and important environmental indicators in the Arctic region. This was to ensure that the EDecIDe weighting method would encompass the best available LCA practice and existing knowledge in the field. The chosen approach led to the inclusion of a number of relevant environmental indicators.
The characterisation factors were chosen based on recommendations from ILCD (the European Commission’s Joint Research Center for LCA) with adjustment for important issues related to the Arctic region and CCS (EC-JRC 2011a and b). Both endpoint and midpoint approaches are included.
Normalisation factors were calculated based on emissions in Europe and in the Arctic Region (Norway) in 2000.
Reference weighting factors for Europe are based on the hierarchist perspective for endpoint. For midpoint, reference weighting factors for each environmental indicator were developed through a pragmatic approach and with endpoint factors as a basis.
Weighting factors for Arctic conditions are based on information from Arctic experts valuing the consequences for each environmental impact being more or less severe in the Arctic than Europe.
The EDecIDe LCIA weighting method will be tested in WPIII of the EDecIDe project where the method will be applied to the benchmarking of CCS technologies.

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