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Gaylord Kabongo Booto (Forskere)

Gaylord iconducted his PhD in Applied Sustainability and Life Cycle Thinking in Big Infrastructure projects, where he developed calculations tools for environmental optimization of linear infrastructure with respect to their geometries, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His research areas encompass environmental modelling using LCM tools ( MFA, SFA, RA, WFP, CF, LCC and specially LCA), sustainability studies on future transportation ecosystems (road, rail, air and ocean) including supporting infrastructures, and evaluation of zero emission powertrains (battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell electric, hybrids) and energy systems.

Other center of interest includes clean and zero emissions energy systems assessment (wind, solar, biomass, hydrogen, hydro), climate change mitigations, environmental (spatial) big data analytics and Low Carbon Assets evaluation.

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