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Network-based innovation

Sustainable innovation involves products, processes and organisational developments that contribute to economic, environmental and social sustainability. Sustainable innovation is needed to meet the goal of a sustainable future. Sustainability cannot be achieved by an individual organisation acting alone; it requires collaboration across organisational boundaries, for example including actors in the organisation’s value chain and/or key stakeholders. Sustainable innovation therefore depends upon network-based innovation models.

This research theme is based on knowledge of innovation and systems theory to contribute to more efficient / smart / sustainable value creation. Enhancing sustainable innovation in business and in the public sector implies knowledge development and dissemination at various levels. This includes product and service development, enterprise and regional development, and understanding of the relationships between these different levels. Special emphasis is placed on knowledge and development of project-based network initiatives (those facilitated and supported by funding agencies).

The research area has thus far focused on research into and management of network development to promote innovation at product, service and system level. Hereon it will increasingly focus upon sustainable innovation research. The work focuses upon the analysis and documentation of:

  • How processes are organised and managed
  • Effects of the way processes are organised and managed
  • Critical success factors leading to model development

We are, and will continue to be, an active and involved collaborative partner, where we contribute to the development and testing of models.