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Nordic co-ordinating system for Environmental Product Declarations

Report from the NIMBUS project

The report summarizes the main experiences from the NIMBUS project, which has been carried out to coordinate activities within development of Environmental Product Declarations Type III in the Nordic countries. The report proposes a system with national EPD bodies, but with a co-ordinating body with representatives from the national organs. The main task of this organ is to co-ordinate development of Product Specific Rules, further development and implementation of methods, and to harmonize ned for competence by certification bodies.

The report proposes that Nordic EPD Type III should have an indepedent certification by an approved institution, but that companies can test an EPD in the market in one year before certification. An EPD which is approved and certified in one of the Nordic countries must be valid in all other countries (also outside the Nordic region) according to the general ISO principles.

A communication study underlined the need for environmental information in purchasing, and that the information should be scientifically valid and comprehensive. For easy recognition of a Type III EPD in the market, it was asked for a common format where information is easy available and comparable.

The NIMBUS project has developed a four page format for EPD based on an earlier Norwegian draft version. This format is proposed as a general format for Nordic companies, but without making the format mandatory for Type III EPDs.

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