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Environmental performance evaluation and indicators for external and internal communication

Case report from Cementa and Norcem

Norcem and Cementa participated in the NORDEPE-project to:

  • Evaluate and further develop the already existing EPI-system in Norcem
  • Develop Environmental Performance Indicators for Cementa based on ISO 14031, GRI Draft Guidelines and existing experience from the Cement Industry.
  • Implement the indicators in internal management systems and external reporting systems.

To obtain these goals the project activities were concentrated on stakeholder assessments and routines for internal communication. The stakeholder assessments gave input to the development of the environmental management systems as well as improvement of the communication with internal and external stakeholders. Some of the results were used directly in the environmental report, others for internal environmental management and local use only.

The prioritised indicators are given below:
Ground use, use of natural resources / secondary raw materials, use of energy /use of secondary energy, water use, emissions of CO2 , SO2 , NOx, heavy metals to air, emissions to water, production related aspects (e.g. vibration, noise, aesthetics), sustainability Indicators for strategic use "green products" and health hazards in products.

A matrix was developed to ensure that targets are defined and results are measured in the environmental management system. The matrix has been proved useful for sorting out reporting routines. Cementa has implemented the matrix and defined routines to ensure that targets are defined and results are measured.

The project activities, represented by company internal project work combined with method development and exchange of experiences in joint Nordic project meetings, served as important drivers for project escalation. It gave also valuable knowledge on present activities and strategies in other (and larger) Nordic companies.

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