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Ecodesign - Why Is This Important And How Do We Put It Into Practice?

Society has become more and more interested in environmental issues. The reasons for this lie in the growing awareness of the fact that our quality of life is affected by our impacts on the environment and also the quality of life for future generations is very dependant on how these issues are handled by current generations. A well known concept in environmental circles is ‘Factor 10’. This is the realisation that the world’s population is expected to increase from 6 to 12 billion people by 2040 and the standard of living in South America, Asia and Eastern Europe is expected to increase by a factor of 2.5 by this time. It is also acknowledged that the total environmental impacts on the earth from human activities must be reduced by 50% in order to be sustainable. The combination of these factors means that we must fulfil our requirements 10 times more effectively than we do today (thus ‘Factor 10’).

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