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Establishing Slow Fashion- Made in Norway

A business model for a more sustainable value chain for clothing. Sluttrapport fra et kvalifiseringsprosjekt med støtte fra RFF Oslofjordfondet

This report describes the work that has been done in the pre-project «Etablering av Slow Fashion - Made in Norway. Forretningsmodell knyttet til en mer bærekraftig verdikjede for klær» (Establishing Slow Fashion - Made in Norway. Business model for a more sustainable value chain for clothing) which has received financial support from Regionale Forskningsfond Oslofjordfondet (in 2013-2014). The project's long term goal is to establish new business based on the design and production of high quality clothing in Norway. The primary aim of the pre-project has been to produce a knowledge base for the establishment of a business model relating to a more sustainable value chain for clothes. The question as to what might persuade consumers to choose more sustainable options in fashion has been explored. In addition, the project has involved the collection and generation of data relating to the documentation of specific garments using life cycle assessment, LCA, and social life cycle assessment, SLCA. The project has led to an increased understanding of challenges relating to data generation throughout the value chains of clothing, and how SLCA can be used in practice in studies.

The project has involved Heines design Haute Couture, Linda og Heges Systue, og Romarheim Design as business actors, and Østfoldforskning and Høgskolen i Østfold as research partners.

During the project period one large research project proposal was worked up, developed and delivered to the Norwegian Research Council's programme “Klimaforsk” in late autumn 2013. Although the project received a good evaluation, it was not granted financial support. However, the knowledge and ideas which it generated will be used in future applications. The project has also been a significant door opener to an international network.

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