SirkulærPlast connects actors along the whole value chain for plastic products. Design and product development connects with producers both of recycled raw materials and of plastic products. This means that barriers to recycling are avoided in new products, as well as increasing the use of Norwegian sorted plastic resources back into Norwegian Industry.


The circular economy where resources are kept in circulation in the economy for as long as possible is an EU priority. «Closing the loop» is an EU slogan for the circular economy. This means that formerly problematic materials now become resources and offer opportunities. The project will focus on quality and what is required in order to secure reliable sources of recycled raw materials for industry. Knowledge built up in the project will be publicly available in a knowledge platform.


SirkulærPlast is financed by the project partners and funds from the Oslofjord Fund (link). The project consortium is based in the Oslofjord Region and the partners represent all parts of the plastic product value chain.



Biobe is the project owner and the partners are Borg PlastNet, Clariant Plastics and Coatings (Nordic), D&D Consult, Eker DesignGrønt Punkt NorgeHøgskolen i ØstfoldKatoplastPromens, Ragn-Sells, Re-Turn og ROAF.


Cecilia Askham at Ostfold Research is the project manager. Ostfold Researchs role in the project is closely linked to eco-design, strategic and environmental assessments and Business Canvas.