The four datasets which have been uploaded are Exilva Forte and Exilva Piano, both as 2% dispersion and 10% paste.


The data are published in the Life Cycle Data Network (LCDN) database and in the Global LCA data network (GLAD) databaseLCDN acts as a network of independent nodes, and was launched by EC Joint Research Centre to facilitate sharing E-LCA data between research institutes, consultants and the industry. This system has strict quality requirements for registered datasets. The GLAD system is a Life Cycle Initiative of the United Nation Environment Programme. 

Ostfold Research is committed to publish more of its E-LCA datasets and has, together with the University of Life Sciences (NMBU), established the NorEnviro centre. The centre has taken the initiative to establish a national infrastructure for the management and dissemination of environmental and resource documentation. As a part of the acitivties of the NorEnviro centre, a node has been established and connected to both LCDN and GLAD. The four Exilva MFC datasets have been uploaded in that node.   

More information and downloading of the life cycle inventories can be found here. Links to the datasets can also be found at Borregaard’s Exilva site.