For anyone interested in mechanical recycling of plastics this conference will interest you. The focus of the conference is the circular plastic economy and mechanical recycling. The conference is part of the FuturePack project and takes place at the Stratos Conference Centre in Oslo, with speakers from EREMA, Clariant, Orkla and Tomra, as well as members of the project team (Østfoldforskning, Nofima and Norner

Cecilia will be presenting work by herself and colleagues Pieter Callewaert and John Baxter, looking at the environmental burdens associated with recycling of HDPE plastic back to granulate and how much burden is associated with odour removal. This is compared to database values for virgin plastic production compiled by plastics Europe. This case study comes from the SirkulærPlast project, financially supported by the Oslofjord Fund and project partners. Come along to see whether the benefits outweigh the burdens.