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Invitation to the H2020 Exilva Project Final Event, April 21st 2020, Brussels.

27. Feb 2020
In the Exilva project, Borregaard has developed the world’s first industrial scale plant for producing microfibrillated cellulose (MFC). Ostfold Research has been responsible for the environmental and social evaluations along the way. The project support phase has now come to an end, and will be summarized in this event (free of charge). Join us in Brussels!

Experiences from end-of-life modelling of wood products.

21. Jan 2020
How should you the end-of-life of wood products in environmental product declarations (EPDs) be modelled? Lars Tellnes, researcher at Ostfold Research, has developed many EPDs for wood products and has shared this experience in a new publication.

Kick-off meeting of RoBUTCHER

15. Jan 2020
Clara Valente and Hanne Møller have attended the kick-off meeting of RoBUTCHER [grant number 871631], a European funded project of 7.5 Million Euro, on January 13th and 14th 2020. The goal of the project is the development of a robust, flexible and scalable cognitive robotics platform, generally referred to as a "Meat Factory Cell".RoBUTCHER brings forward a new strategy which deviates significantly from current line-based production methods used […]

Data for Exilva microfibrillated cellulose have been published in LCA databases

5. Dec 2019
In the Exilva Flagship project, Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (E-LCA) has been used to evaluate the environmental performance of the different Exilva microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) qualities. In connection with this, four datasets of Exilva MFC have been made publicly available in two different databases.   Few LCA datasets are available free of charge in general, and no LCA datasets for microfibrillated cellulose are available at all. H […]

"From Waste to Value" – Our Book is Out

15. May 2019
The need to go from the oil economy to a bio-based economy is ever more acknowledged. In our book, From Waste to Value: Valorisation Pathways for Organic Waste Streams in Circular Bioeconomies, we share the research from the SusValueWaste project. The focus is on how streams of organic waste and residues can become valuable products, to speed up the transition towards a circular and sustainable bioeconomy.

Østfoldforskning project manager for PacKnoPlast – financed by the Research Council of Norway.

24. Apr 2019
Plastic should only be used as part of a food product packaging system where it is proven the most environmentally preferable option relating to climate effects and plastic littering, based on packaging functions required to minimize food waste. Østfoldforskning will, together with BAMA, Q-meieriene and Gartnerhallen, investigate the functionality of the packaging, aiming to minimize the use of plastic as well as food waste.

Final conference on Responsible Research and Innovation in the RRI-Practice project

1. Apr 2019
The Horizon 2020 project Responsible Research and Innovation in Practice (RRI-practice), of which Ostfold Research is a partner, is coming to an end this summer.The project has studied and supported the implementation of RRI policies and actions in 23 research conducting and research funding organisations worldwide. In the same period, the Horizon 2020 project Nucleus is also ending.


30. Jan 2018
Project vision: In a circular economy industrial designers will be able to access the knowledge and materials to enable them to choose recycled plastics as raw materials for new products. Producers will have the knowledge, procedures and supply of recycled plastics required for their products, which will be quality assured and adapted to the customers’ needs. Plastic products placed on the market will be recyclable.

EPD - transport calculator tool launched

21. Jun 2016
EPD-Norway and Østfold resarch are now launching a new online tool - The EPD transport calculator. The EPD tool is designed to calculate enviromental impact from transport of building materials.