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Data for Exilva microfibrillated cellulose have been published in LCA databases

In the Exilva Flagship project, Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (E-LCA) has been used to evaluate the environmental performance of the different Exilva microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) qualitiesIn connection with this, four datasets of Exilva MFC have been made publicly available in two different databases 

Few LCA datasets are available free of charge in general, and no LCA datasets for microfibrillated cellulose are available at all. Hence, publishing LCA data for Exilva MFC in openly accessible databases is progress for the LCA society. This will make LCA practitioners able to create their own models of product systems containing MFC, being useful for researchers and product developers. Hopefully, this can lead to product development and reduced environmental burdens for a spectrum of products

"From Waste to Value" – Our Book is Out

The need to go from the oil economy to a bio-based economy is ever more acknowledged. In our book, From Waste to Value: Valorisation Pathways for Organic Waste Streams in Circular Bioeconomies, we sha […]